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Tumbled Lepidolite, approximately 0.5+inches.


Excluding GST/HST
  • Lepidolite promotes self-love, bringing child-like love and acceptance to the holder while allowing trust to flourish.  It has been known as the stone of transition, helping through situations of inconstancy and helping to restructure and reorganize old patterns.  It serves to gently bring change and ease during such.   It activates self-preservation and enhances awareness of well-being.  It can be used to locate energy blocks within via a slight resonance near the obstruction.  It's an excellent stone for business pursuits, merging diplomacy with direction and unimpeded communication assisting openness and honesty and furthering these qualities to those in proximity.  It's a good stone for gridding hectic places both socially and environmentally.  It assists in gardening and agricultural activities helping to align energy forces to produce abundance.  It can aid in digestion, relieve tension and stress related disorders, promotes reduction of wrinkles, treats tendonitis, leg cramp, tight shoulder muscles, and elimination.  It is used to soothe nervous system, stabilize bloodflow, and calm the heart, and alleviate dispondency.

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