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One tooth from a Mosasaur. Approximately 1-2 inches.

Mosasaur Tooth

Excluding GST/HST
  • Most think of fossils as bones turned to stone however fossils are only part stone and part organic matter. The stone has only filled the empty spaces in the wood, bone, etc., much of its original material remains. In folklore, fossils were believed to be the remains from the distant past which were grown from seeds that fell from the stars. They are helpful in breaking old patterns and behaviors which are no longer useful and also in allowing one to be open, be perceptive of and be receptive of fresh new energies and possibilities which are now available. They have been used to enhance telepathic communication between our current world, past worlds,and other worlds. They have been used to help with ones business accomplishments and to instill quality and excellence within ones environment. They have be used to stimulate the thymus and in treatment of disorders associated with atrophication, the skeletal system, and the hands and feet.

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