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Tumbled Nephrite Jade, approximately 0.75+ inches long.

Nephrite Jade

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  • Nephrite variety of jade is said to attract love on many levels, due to it’s balancing and the calming effects. It is said that Jade can be charged with money-attracting energy and can assist in attaining wisdom when placed on the third eye, as well as strengthening one’s mental capacity and helping with reasoning and decision making. Chinese Lore said that Jade is the key to longevity, having the power to actually prolong life as well.  Physically, all types and shades of Jade have powerful calming vibrations that are very protective, especially for children. Banishing negative energies and entities, Jade will also assist one in producing dreams that are not only vivid, but quite accurate as well.  Said to be a stone of the heart, strengthening it as well as the kidneys, spleen, and the adrenal gland. It also assists in the proper function of the metabolism, and is said to be helpful in healing the nervous system, reducing stress and counteracting depression.

    The green variety is said to create the strongest calm, peace and harmony, banishing negative energies and assisting with dreams whereas the black is helpful when one feels as if they are under attack, as it will offer one strength to fight. Brown or Grey drains one of excessive unnecessary energies, lessening the impact of negative karmic influences. Also helpful with adjusting to new surroundings and settling negative situations, particularly at home. Yellow is said to enhance the balancing of the yin/yang energies to assist one in gaining a better understanding of the opposite sex, and white is understood as the most calming of all colors and may also be used in grounding; having the ability to assist one in making more prudent decisions.

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