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Raw, unpolished Copal Amber from Africa, approximately 1/2" long.

African Amber

SKU: 0002
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  • Copal, or Copalite, is similar to amber but younger (less than 100 000 yrs old), and provides a youthful and rejuvenating energy.  It is great for those recovering from hospitalisation or trying times.  This stone removes energy blocks and strengthens the meridians.  It can serve as a means for both reaching and using talents and abilities of the mind.  It amplifies the entire energy field of the body which can activate and/or amplify psychic abilities.  European healers use it for diagnostic healing and communication with spirits and etheric realms.  It helps one remain
    physically aware during meditation while retaining the knowledge of emptiness by activating the crown. It intensifies awareness of individuality while allowing one to maintatin associations with humanity.  It can increase awareness and improve heart disorders, help recover from disorders associated with diminished physical vitality and to stimulate cell renewal.  In ancient times it was used as penicilin, and has been used to treat disorders of the kidneys and bladder.

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