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Tumbled Angelite, approximately 0.5+ inches long.


SKU: 0063
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  • Angelite is a great stone for your spiritual journey as it's great for communication, understanding, and balance.  It can induce rebirthing, and provide the stimulus and guidance in psychic healing.  It enhances telepathy, opens pathways for channeling, facilitates astral travel, introduces you to or intensifies communication with your spirit totem, and raises the state of awareness promoting clear and orderly communication. It can provide a protective shield around where it is placed - for physical bodies or to protect crops.  It emits a love and light to the world.  It can allay anger, renew the connection with universal knowledge, and to part obstacles during creative pursuits. It has been used to treat infectious disease, correct hemoglobin deficiencies, and renews and repairs deterioration. It's been used in the treatment of inflamation and affliction of
    the throat, correct any functions of the heart, help renew blood vesels and provide helps correct loss of sensory perceptiveness.

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