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Tumbled Axinite, approximately 0.75+ inches.


SKU: 0079
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  • Axinite gets its name from the similarity of its sharp-edged, wedge-like crystals to the form of an axe. It emanates a very helpful energy which is clarifying to ones consciousness, harmonizing to one's emotions, expansive to one's awareness and balancing to one's physical energies. It is strongly grounding, and helps bring earth energies up through one's feet and into one's whole body. It can be a powerful aid to ones endurance, and it is recommended for anyone that works long hours.
    Axinite acts to allow the waking mind access to the subconscious and super-conscious realms. It also helps one hold in memory the experiences of the spiritual planes. Axinite can be used to assist one in gaining conscious access to the morphic fields of knowledge accumulated by each species throughout time and space. Axinite can function as a "savant stone", facilitating direct mental access to knowledge, independent of any outside source.
    Axinite's healing action is known to aid the adrenal glands, the muscular system and the feet and legs. To aid your physical healing, these stones bring extra earth energy into your body. This helps to boost your overall well-being, strength and vitality.

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