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Display size Barite, approximately 7 inches.


SKU: BAR2022
Excluding GST/HST
  • Barite is all about breaking down walls. It continuously puts energy towards ending stubborn and unyielding thought, allowing one to expand one's views and widden their world. It boosts harmony, friendship, and love while also helping us to maintain independence from the expectations and needs of others, as well as ourselves. It can help us release stagnant emotions and feelings that we have kept locked away, releasing the old pain and bringing self-assurance and tranquility.Barite promotes independence and motivation, and supplies motivation to go for our dreams without restraint. It connects us to the spirit world and can help rekindle our intuition as well as help us on our path to acheive our goals.Barite encourages communication by stimulating the throat chakra, helping us to express new ideas and thoughts. It is an excellent stone to help recovering addicts as it is calm, reassuring, and supportive. It can be used to remove toxins and stimulate visions, and it helpsease and steady the nervous system.

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