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Tumbled Desert Sunset Jasper, approximately 1+ inches long

Desert Sunset Jasper

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  • Desert Sunset is a banded iron formation occurring throughout Western Australia that is comprised of alternating layers of red and yellow jasper and chert with narrow bands of black hematite.
    Known for its vibrant, earthy colors, it is strongly connected to the element of fire, embodying the energy of action, creativity and passion. The desert jasper properties are also very grounding, stabilizing and centering, deepening your connection to Mother Earth. It is often referred to as a seeker crystal as it has the power to empower you to find new relationships that will create positive change in your life. Known as the supreme nurturer, it is very healing and helps create a comforting feeling of safety, security and happy thoughts. Desert sunset jasper is believed to bring good fortune and stabilize ones own personal energy with helping one ground oneself. It is also believed to be a crystal of gentleness, relaxation, and contentment. It is said to help with compassion and nurturing, helping to enhance tranquility, comfort and healing.
    The dominance of certain colors also have additional meanings:
    Scarlet: the color of strength & vitality. It combines the energy of the red ray and the joy of the orange ray.
    Gold & Tans: brings happiness and cheerfulness. It helps you enjoy the simple things in life.

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