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Rough chunk of Fuchsite, approximately 1.5+ inches


Excluding GST/HST
  • Fuchsite is a form of mica.  It can help in understanding processes of adaptation and diffusion.  It has been used to help one eliminate issues of servitude, has been used to enhance knowledge and right action in the fields of law enforcement, judgments, and holistic medicine, helps one bounce back after tense situations, and promotes examination of issues related to basic foundations and personal concerns such as interactions with others, material world, vocational objectives, physical wellness, and productivity.  When meditating with it, one can access information regarding physical health, daily routine, schedules and stress, pets, mainstream  environments, coworkers, and career.  When used in channeling, it can impart information regarding herbal remedies and holistic remediation.  It is a great energy booster and facilitates energy transfer from other minerals.  It has been used in balancing red and white blood cell count, in treating Tarsal and Carpal tunnel syndromes, helps stabilize the alignment of the spinal column, and to increase flexibility of muscles. 

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