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Tumbled blue to violet Iolite, approximately 1 inch.


Excluding GST/HST
  • Iolite is a great stone for expressing oneself, without worrying about the expectations of others. It helps us dive deep inside ourselves to connect with our self, understand who we are and why we're here, and it leaves us feeling calm as well as comfort so we can allow positivity in. It is said to inspire unexpected solutions to problems that have been bothering us and to produce laughter and guidance.


    Iolite is said to be quite helpful when dealing with addictions of all kinds including alcoholism, assisting in the detoxification as well as maintaining sobriety.  Conversely it is also said to grant the ability to consume alcohol without exhibiting the effects.

    Physically, Iolite is used to assist in healing sore throats, diminishing headaches, and prevention of insomnia. Told to improve brain function and the efficiency of the metabolism.

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