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Tumbled Kambaba Jasper, approximately 0.75 inches

Kambaba Jasper

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  • Kambaba Jasper is an orbicular variety of green stromatolite.  It is a sedimentary stone made of quartz and fossilized cyanobacteria and other primeval organisms dating back more than three billion years making it one of the oldest known fossils containing the earliest records of life on this planet.  Sometimes referred to as Crocodile Rock or Crocodile Jasper, Kambaba holds the grounding, nurturing, and protecting energies of other Jaspers while also bestowing peace, connection, and prosperity.  Meditating with it can help strengthen one’s connection to the outside world.  It also imbues one with an awareness of our connection to all living things, past, present, and future, as well as helping one to become more connected to people and animals.  When used in ancient places, both natural and man-made, it can help one to connect to those who once lived there.  This stone also boosts spiritual confidence, helping one to draw upon ancestral wisdoms to align one with the inner peace innate in our nature and helping one feel comfortable with the self and with one’s surroundings.  It encourages happiness and triggers one’s ability to attract prosperity and abundance to one’s life, and it can help one feel secure when opening oneself up to giving and receiving.  It provides strength for the broken-hearted by love, rejection, or abandonment, helping to face issues that must be resolved and easing the burden of despair.  This crystal helps one keep one’s composure during stressful times and guides one through tough emotional experiences.  It pushes one to let go of the negativity and obstacles that weigh one down and stresses that we no longer need to tolerate being stuck anymore, helping one confidently take action.  It is very calming, helping to allay stress, and dispel worry and negativity.  It fosters tranquility, increases one’s focus, invites feelings of compassion and patience, humility, and even generosity.  It is a fantastic stone for promoting deep and peaceful sleep and is useful for banishing nightmares or harmful thoughts.    Physically, this stone has been used to increase fertility and creativity, overcome impotence, and encourages successful pregnancies.  It boosts essential growth and renewal within the body such as cellular growth and DNA.  It is also thought to benefit the jaw and teeth and help in all areas concerning dental.  It has also been helpful in improving the immune system, supports the digestive system, calms nausea and vomiting, cleanses the body of toxins, helps the assimilation of vitamins and minerals, and can improve conditions of the skin, hair, and nails.  Keep this Jasper near pets such as fish and lizards, and other exotic pets in need of heat, and for the adventurous embarking on outdoor vacations or deep-sea diving, this protective stone is a fantastic talisman for a safe return.  

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