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Tumbled piece of Maligano Jasper, approximately 1+ inches

Maligano Jasper

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  • Maligano Jasper, is a recently discovered brecciated Jasper from Indonesia.  It is made up of various different colors of Jasper including blue, red, orange, yellow, grey and beige, and often has veins of a greyish-silver Agate and sometimes dendrites.  It was named for the small village it was found in.  Maligano Jasper is a soothing stone.  It brings happiness and a good outlook on life, emanates an energy of relaxation, eases stress, and imbues it's holder with a sense of wholeness.  It protects one against negativity, helping one to remember that life is short and should be lived fully and mindfully, and assists one in finding joy in all things.  It provides grounding and also aids one in finding centre, helping one to find balance both within and without.  This variety of Jasper helps one to step back and evaluate one's life/situation and make adjustments as needed while also encouraging one to let go of inessential beliefs, patterns, and behaviours.  It helps one shed layers within themselves that are no longer beneficial and lead to negative thought patterns and bad habits, helping one to determine if they are helpful or harmful, and making it easier to release what's needed or to create new and/or more healthy patterns.  It emphasizes that happiness can only come from within, and extends only as far as you will allow it to.  For those who may be rigid in their beliefs, it can help in recognising these patterns, creating a more flexible mindset and allowing one to open up to more possibilities and different perceptions.  This stone also helps with connections.  It encourages attunement and communication with animals, and is an excellent stone to use when working within a group. It enhances organizational abilities, promotes group harmony, and emanates an energy of teamwork.  This is such an even, mellow, and smooth energy that it can encourage the hyperactive and/or uncooperative to "Stop and smell the roses".  This stone can be extremely helpful for those working on a new project.  It can help one set up steady foundations and allow one to perceive alternate possibilities.  It helps remove all blocks and obstacles, helping one work through them with ease.  Physically, Maligano Jasper has been used for energy and stamina, to ward off dehydration, and also to ease allergies.


    Brecciated means broken and self-healed
    Dendrites are a branching forms found on or in certain stones.

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