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Brazilian, crystal lined, face-polished, occo geode half.  Appoximately 1+ inches.

Occo Geode

PriceFrom C$5.00
Excluding GST/HST
  • Geodes depict beauty and induce remembrance. They are beneficial to health because their beauty inspires well-being and spirituality. They encourage a free spirit way of thinking and being. Geodes help us to see the whole picture before making a decision and can help with decision-making before a situation gets too difficult. Placing a crystal inside a geode helps to cleanse and recharge it at the same time; think of geodes as power generators comprising the sum total of ALL the little crystals it contains!  They represent the divine feminine aspect. The cavity within the geode may be taken to symbolize the womb. They are good for stimulating creativity and harmony, and teach us that through freedom we mold and create our future. Geodes bring the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card to you--the ability to decide what your future will be and how to get there. They can assist one in attaining more effective communication skills, strengthens the communication to the higher realms, and can also enhance astral travel. They can help boost moods, balance and screen energy, relieve stress and can aid in meditation.  They are known to aid in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, hands and lungs. The brain geode has been used to treat brain tumors and mental imbalances. Geodes help one in the pursuit of mathematics.  These are good to have with you when you are looking for a job, too! Occo geodes are said to bring victory--at gaming, at work, and at play!  They usually contain Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine or Calcite crystals and the properties of the crystal within the stone also apply.

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