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Fully polished with bark, beautiful red, brown, tan and green colors, from Arizona.  Approx 4 inches diameter.

Petrified Wood Slices

Excluding GST/HST
  • Petrified wood has been known for giving us strenght in all areas of life.  It is an excellent stone for groundng, and can help us focus on changing what we can in a situation and to not worry about the rest.  As a stone of transformation, it encourages us to move forward, both in situations and as a person, and to recognise that every action we take brings us to where we need to be.  It has been known to be supportive to people who are coming through the crisis period of disease.  When used in meditation, it can open doors to past lives.  It has been used to strengthen the back and align the skeletal system, treat hearing loss and incontinence, and when used as an elixir, can be used to soothe skin and improve luster and thickness of hair.

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