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Rough Petroleum Quartz seed crystals, up to 5mm long

Petroleum Quartz

Excluding GST/HST
  • Petroleum Quartz are very transparent, "water clear" crystals. The faces are smooth and very lustrous without pronounced striations, making the perfect canvas for the inclusions with no interference inside or outside the crystal. The most visible inclusion is the petroleum trapped in the cavities and negative crystals. It can be bright yellow with some that are slightly brown. Some of them have methane bubbles within the petroleum. Some move, some are stationary. Although not very visible, a lot of the times, there is a small amount of water along the edges of the cavities.
    Many of these crystals also host black and brown Asphaltite, a solid petroleum fuel with a high softening point.
    Petroleum Quartz is a great stone for focus and concentration. It has been known as "stone of the gypsy" because it brings warnings and insight, and can help one recognize the difference between one and the other. It helps to release self-limiting beliefs and helps one to acheive their goals. It can help with the assimilation of minerals and amino acids, in treating poor circulation, hot flashes, mobility of hands and arms, maintaining a balanced body temperature, and for disorders related to rashes and hives, nausea and influenza, and muscle sprains and connective tissues. It is also an energizing stone and can amplify, focus, store, transfer and/or transform energy. Quartz has been known to bring the energy of the stars into the soul.

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