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Polished magnetic Hematite stone, approximately 0.75 inches.

Rainbow Magnetic Hematite

Excluding GST/HST
  • Hematite encourages zest for life and spontaneity.  It has the ability to help ground and balance flows of energy which makes it a fantastic stone to carry.  It is a symbol of courage and was used to protect the holder's vital energy and guarantee survival.  It has also been known by some to warn of danger by changing temperature.   It is effective in pain relief, focus, mental clarity, and concentration, and has regenerative powers which can benefit eye problems as well as aid with healthy sleep when combined with Rose Quartz and put under one's pillow.  It is beneficial to all processes connected with blood such as cell formation, blood flow, and circulation stabilizing.  It can also help fight disorders such as embolism, anemia, and venous hyperemia.  It can be used for spine issues and broken bones, to relieve headaches, and is great for cramps.  One should avoid wearing Hematite near inflammations as it can make them worse.  

  •  Avoid water as this stone can rust.

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