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Untumbled piece of Aquamarine, white, green and blue, approximately 0.75+ inches.

Raw Aquamarine

SKU: 0070
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  • An old legend says that this stone came from a mermaid's jewelery box.  It's said to bring pure love and shows truth or falsities based on turning a darker or lighter color.  If it turns white then it warns of false friends.  It has been used to treat neck and throat problems.  It relaxes the solar plexus and digestive organs.  It also protects against sea-sickness.  It can alleviate allergies by placing a large specimen in water overnight and gently washing the skin.  It can reduce swelling in swollen glands.  It has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland and is helpful in treating vocal chords and speech problems.  It symbolizes peace and encourages a gentle nature and personality in the carrier.  It regulates the lymph system and blood circulation.  It can also strengthen the immune system. 

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