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Rough Amorphous and/or fire opal in Sandstone, from Mexico.  Approximately 1" long.

Raw Opal in Sandstone Matrix

Excluding GST/HST
  • Opal is an extremely amplifying stone.  It’s said to reflect the mood of its holder. It promotes self-awareness and intensifies emotions, enabling one to let go of regrets and helping one to release inhibitions. It can help to explore hidden emotions, allow one to recognize their true needs and aspirations, and guide one towards fulfilment and self-love. This stone also helps as a shield against absorbing other people's energy, feelings, or thoughts.  It encourages both freedom and independence, as well as hope, purity, faithfulness, and spontaneity.  It’s said to strengthen memory, stimulate imagination, creativity, and encourage interest in the arts.  It’s reputation of intensifying emotional states and releasing inhibitions means that opal strengthens one’s desire, erotism and sexuality. It makes one emotionally charged, seductive, unconventional, in love with life, and enhances one’s optimism.   It’s said to give psychic and mystical vision to its holder, as well as enhancing spiritual work like dream recall and shamanic journeying.  Physically it’s said to benefit the eyes, kidneys, and adrenal glands, strengthen the will to live, and treat infections and fevers.  It’s also reputed to purify the blood and kidneys, regulate insulin, ease childbirth and alleviates PMS.
    In addition to this, certain types of Opals have additional properties. 
    Fire Opals are said to awaken one’s passion, from physical desires to spiritual bliss. They activate one’s life-energy and awaken one’s authentic sense of self. They encourage optimism, help us become more outgoing socially, and boost one’s confidence while keeping one centered.  They tune in to the creative forces around us and promote the expression of one’s feelings through creative outlets. Fire opals are excellent stones for business and financial pursuits as they are said to attract money, ease us through changes and transitions, promote clarity, and lead one towards success. They bolster independence and autonomy, and support those who wish to make an impact on the world around them. They are very protective, empowering one to remove oneself from negative situations. Fire Opals can be used to comfort and unburden one from deep-rooted feelings of grief or fear and rekindle one’s ardour.  They can also help improve fertility issues.

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