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Tumbled Rhodonite, approximately 0.5+ inches


Excluding GST/HST
  • In ancient times, Rhodonite was given to travelers for protection and was said to warn them of danger by causing the heart beat to accelerate suddenly.  It's been known to protect it's carrier from anxiety, phobias, and fears.  It is a great stone to carry when taking exams.  It's beneficial is retaining a clear, calm mind in tense situations and in coping with changing circumstances like for example separations, new jobs, moves, or long journeys.  It's great at preventing mental blocks.  It can tone up the lungs and respiratory tract, strengthen the immune system, protect against allergies, and even improve early stage cardiac deficiencies.  It can have a stimulating effect on sexuality.  It is a symbol of self-realization and is known as the first aid stone.  It's most effective on the heart and sacral chakras.

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