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Rough Ruby hexagon, approximately 0.75+ inches.


Excluding GST/HST
  • In modern times, Ruby is said to be a source of strength and protection.  It ignites one's zeal for life and invites one to follow their passions. It is great for boosting energy levels and igniting one's creative flare.  This gem promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings one a sense of power, self-confidence and determination helping to drive one towards achievement and success.  It helps one face old fears and infuses us with the courage and tenacity to move forward despite hardships or misfortune. It emboldens, but also supports it's holder through defeat, tempering negative mindsets and anxiety that could otherwise consume them.  This crystal can also help one release caustic emotional influences, and is exceptional at helping one develop a more loving attitude toward one's self and one's body.  It helps one overcome old emotional wounds, helping to rebuild trust, especially when it comes to love and loss. This stone has always been a symbol of love and promotes faithful, passionate, committed, and intimate love.  It also reaches deeper, reinforcing and boosting compassion and perseverance.  It induces desire and acts as an aphrodisiac, and for this reason can be helpful in restoring and maintaining passion.  It's an excellent tool for grounding, helping it's holder feel safe, stable, and immutable to the forces of change.  For those looking to increase their status or wealth, this gem can be a major asset to them.  Ruby is connected to good fortune and leadership, and can help ease one out of their comfort zone and routines, allowing one to engage more fully in this area.  This stone does not spur one into rash or risky maneuvers, but rather helps guide our choices, putting one in the position of pursuing and attaining more.  Physically, this crystal 'strengthens' the heart, improves circulation, helps to detoxify the body, and is helpful in treating kidneys, lymph and adrenal glands.  It's considered very beneficial for reproductive systems and organs, and helps regulate cycles and functions as well as treating dysfunctions and imbalances.  It can support one in weight regulation, especially when it's rooted in emotional eating, and it can help with fever and infections. 

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