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Uncut, unpolished star Sapphire, approximately 0.25 inches.


PriceFrom C$3.00
Excluding GST/HST
  • Sapphire is a great tool that can open one's mind allowing one to clear away unwanted thoughts and helping to bring peace of mind, lightness, and joy.  Known as the stone of prosperity, it helps get rid of frustration, and eases fulfilment of one's dreams and desires.  Sapphires have been used to treat blood disorders, to slow excessive bleeding, and to strengthen the walls of veins.  It brings with it an energy of co-operation which makes it a fantastic stone to treat cellular disorders.  In addition to this, differnt types of Sapphires have further properties.

    Blue Sapphire helps provide strength, aids with communication, and brings about authenticity to one's actions.  It helps balance trapped energies and energy leaks which can cause one to regress.  It transforms negative energy into positive and is a good healing stone for the whole body. 

    Black Sapphire is great for grounding, centering, and protection. It can ease doubt and anxiety, and is an excellent stone to have when seeking a job or trying to keep one. 

    Star Sapphire known as a stone of wisdom and good luck.  It is an excellent stone to make friends as it helps make one cheerful and friendly as well as helps to center one's thoughts.  It imparts the ability to understand human nature and to see clearly the intentions of others. 

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