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Tumbled Smokey Quartz, ranging from nearly clear to nearly black, approximately 0.5+ inches.

Smokey Quartz

Excluding GST/HST
  • This stone has been used as a protective stone in the past.  It would warn of danger by turning darker.  It was also considered a stone of mourning to help one overcome grief.  A smokey quartz held in each hand is useful in stressful situations.  It can bring inner calm to it's carrier.  It has also been known to stabilize joints and activate the production of the sexual glands.  It is believed that if a couplle would like a child, both people should drink smokey quartz water over a long period of time.  This stone is also known for it's ability to strengthen the supporting and connective tissue as well as the muscles.  This stone stands for facing life, giving strength and motivation to meet new challenges.  Nearly black smokey quartz is known as Morion.

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