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Tumbled Sunstone, approximately 0.75+ inches long.


Excluding GST/HST
  • Sunstone encourages good temper, good humor, and cheerfulness.  It enables stamina and energy needed to undertake projects and tasks.  It provides self-confidence and helps one discover their own nature and live accordingly.  It helps with a positive attitude towards ones own life, allows one to use their own strength, and allows their "sunny side" to shine to those around.  It's great for self-esteem, and feeing one from feelings of discrimination and of images of an evil world.  It lifts depression and promotes the holder's self-healing powers.  It stimulates the nerve system allowing for a balanced function of all organs.  It is extremely beneficial in the event of exhaustion caused by lack of sleep.  It has a refreshing influence on the heart, back, eyes, and kidneys.  It's also extremely helpful in treating poor circulation and gout.

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