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Tumbled Sulphur Quartz, approximately 0.5+ inches.

Tumbled Sulphur Quartz

Excluding GST/HST
  • Sulphur Quartz is a potent healer.  It creates a strong cleansing energy but with a softer and more loving touch.  It has a passive ability to lead one's mind while providing hope for one's emotional body and spirit.  It stimulates the solar plexus while also balancing it and absorbing the negative energies in the other chakras.  Sulphur Quartz helps unite people or combine forces in projects that will result in positive changes and remove feelings of being stuck. It assists with breaking old habits, while opening one up to the right path towards change.  It will allow one's focus to change and give one the courage to move forward in life. This stone acts on your will. It can help calm over willfulness and stubbornness helping one to see the reality of a situation.  If you’re hot-tempered and volatile, this combination will help you control your emotions and let strong emotions subside while helping you become more patient and calm in any kind of situation.  Because this stone carries a negative charge, it can also effectively get rid of any negativity in your body, aura, or environment.  However, this combination is not for everyone and can upset the normal flow of energies.  It can be beneficial to have grounding stones to help keep everything in balance.

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