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Tumbled Unakite, approximately 0.5+ inches.


Excluding GST/HST
  • Unakite is an amalgamation of Red Jasper, pink Feldspar and green Epidote and symbolizes “what comes together belongs together.”  It encourages tolerance and gentleness and stimulates patience and persistence in working for inner peace.  Unakite can help one overcome tragedy and helps one deal with aspects of the past which have acted as blocks.  It imparts a gentle release, acts to balance emotions, and brings one mindfulness to the present lessening unconscious slips and actions.  Unakite is very helpful for cutting down or quitting smoking, as well as other addictions problems such as overeating, excessive use of drugs or over-consumption of alcohol. Over time, it can remove toxins and negative energies and help release emotional cues that trigger these behaviors. Unakite encourages healthy relationships through balanced emotions as well as harmonious partnerships, both in personal relationships and in business.  It can be especially helpful for when one must work with a friend or relative where positive personal interactions are essential.  It emits on energy of vigor and amiability stimulating tact, finesse, poise, and refinement.  It encourages psychic abilities and inspires faith in ones personal intuitive capabilities.  It dispels criticalness, enhances keen perception, stimulates participation and interaction, and supplements personal power.  It's been used to enhance weight gain in a chosen location, has been used to treat the reproductive system and to stimulate healthy pregnancies while facilitating health to the unborn. 

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